About Us

Shamilah Services Est. is a Saudi institution working in the field of water treatment technology from designing, installing, operating, maintaining and training, as well as providing all kinds of chemicals used in the treatment of water desalination and waste water treatment plants.

We strive to remain one of the distinguished institutions and companies in this field. We have earned the trust of our customers with the credibility of dealing and mastery of work through its qualified and professional staff.

Following are the foundation's activities and actions:

  1. The corporation works in the field of desalination and water treatment from designing, implementing and installing desalination plants by way of reverse osmosis with cards that accommodate your needs and with volumes starting from (5 cubic meters / day) and higher as desired. The scope of our service extends to any source of water ranging from municipality water to well water and high salinity sea water.

  2. Providing all chemicals for water treatment, desalination, and sewage plants with high quality and competitive price. These include chemicals, sealants, membrane cleaning materials, and odours controls. Sanitary, polymer, chlorine and many more as per customer requirements of desalination plants as well as sewage treatment plants.

  3. The company works in the field of water desalination, sewage treatment, boilers, sea water treatment, grey water and others, which allows us to make use of this water for irrigation and agriculture.

  4. The company has implemented many desalination plants in hospitals, private sectors and ministries, and supervised many projects and stations belonging to municipalities and universities, including but not limited to (National Guard Housing projects in Riyadh, King Khalid Eye Hospital, King Khalid Hospital in the complex, King Salman Hospital in Riyadh, the Kingdom Residential Complex in Riyadh, Packaging Products Factory, King Khalid College Al-Askariyah, Al-Iman Hospital in Riyadh, Al-Quwai’yah municipality - Al-Majmu municipality - Al-Qassim University and King Saud University ... and others.

We have a group of highly efficient consultants, engineers and technicians who are qualified in the field of desalination and water treatment. Keeping up with the latest developments in modern technology in designing stations with all kinds of programs available and modern designs.

Therefore, we are fully prepared to meet all your needs and requirements in the field of desalination plants and water treatment, including installation, operation, maintenance and supply of chemicals, as well as providing technical advice.

Message from Chairman

Al Shamilah has excelled at leading the market with quick and forward thinking to be a leader in desalination suppliers along with specialized chemical treatments in the world.

We have outperformed the competition by delivering professional on time services with bottom line results. In parallel to our high commitment to deliver solid services, we always look ahead and focus on improvement through research and development, and utilizing game changing technologies.

Our business accomplishments are just as important as the means to how we’ve achieved them. With a strong commitment to standards of all kinds. From ethical standards, to safety and health standards, we strive to create a comfortable and professional workplace for all our employees. Demonstrating professionalism and loyalty to our family, which includes our clients.


“To be the premier environment solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, adding value to customers & society by leading technology and process innovation”

The above Vision statement articulates the following:

  • Inspires Al Shamilah to move up the value chain from being an Engineering, Procurement & Construction company to a solutions provider and project management company.

  • Stimulates Al Shamilah to define its Unique Selling Proposition through its ability to lead technological innovation in water and wastewater treatment industry and add value to the customers and society through sustainable use of environmental resources.


The following values embody the views of the group, and form the basic tenets of Al Shamilah

  • Excellence - Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company; excellence in reputation.

  • Quality - In all aspects of Al Shamilah’s solutions, services and processes.

  • Innovation - Lead and define industry practices and benchmarks; be a pioneer.

  • Respect - Our customers, vendors and employees above all.

  • Honesty & Transparency - Honesty and transparency in all transactions – internal and external.